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Cookies Used

Cookies Used

To make using this site easier, we will sometimes place small data files known as cookies on your computer. Most websites do this.

Cookies can be used to:

  • Remember your settings so you don't have to keep re-entering things every time you visit the website
  • Give us an idea of how many people visit our website, what pages are most read and what parts of the website are most popular

You can find out more about cookies and how to view or remove them at -


During normal use, the CRICKET SUPPLIES website uses the following cookies:

Name Content Expires
cookie-agreed 0 or 1 100 days
ACTINIC_BUSINESS - When you close your browser
ACTINIC_CART Randomly generated number 2 Hours
ACTINIC_REFERRER URL of the page that you are on When you close your browser
CART_CONTENT Value of your cart content and number of items in your cart 2 Hours
ACTINIC_CONTACT Saves your Delivery location 2 years

In addition, Ssocial Media like Facebook, Twitter and Google also uses cookies in a variety of ways. These cookies are set on the respective domain, and include:

Name Domain Expires
datr Google 2 years
lu Google 2 years
csm Google 28 days
fr Google 28 days
c_user Google 28 days
s Google 28 days
xs Google 28 days
twll Twitter 10 years
PREF Google 2 years
NID Googler 6 months
guest_id Twitter 9 months
__qca Twitter 15 years
remember_checked Twitter 10years
dnt Twitter 10 years
k Twitter 3 days
__utma Twitter 1 day
__utmz Twitter 6 months
__utmv Twitter 2 years
Twitter_sess Twitter When you close your browser
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